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Model PB28IS

Peterbilt Back Pack Sleeper Modification

Part / Model: PB28IS

Koester's offers a 28” integrated sleeper cab for Peterbilt Model 340/335/330/325 medium duty trucks and Peterbilt Models 389/388/367/365 heavy duty trucks. The “Backpack Sleeper” provides a D.O.T. minimum sleeper berth with the smallest possible BBC for applications that require a short wheelbase and overall length. Peterbilt has arranged with Koester's, the same company that provides crew cab and extended cab modifications for Peterbilt medium and heavy duty truck models, to provide the Backpack Sleeper to Peterbilt dealers and customers.
The Koester's Backpack Sleeper is designed to accommodate factory dual vertical exhaust systems Cummins ISM and ISX engines.

Standard Specifications
  • 28” long integrated sleeper addition

  • 82” wide at rear of sleeper

  • Incremental weight of approximately 330 pounds

  • All aluminum cab with Huckbolt construction

  • One-piece fiberglass roof, Huckbolt perimeter and Huckbolt to windshield cowl

  • Factory roofline and styling

  • 24” x 77” foam mattress

  • Underbunk storage area accessible from inside cab

  • Peterbilt dome light over bunk

  • Gray vinyl interior trim

  • Side wall, rear wall and roof insulation

  • Ribbed floormat

  • Relocate Peterbilt factory rear window to back of sleeper

  • Relocate Peterbilt rear corner panels

  • Relocate Peterbilt factory installed load lights and back of cab grab handles if specified on vehicle order

  • For customers preferring the comfort of cab air ride, Peterbilt dealers will specify Cabmate cab air ride suspension and Koester's will relocate the factory-installed system to the back of the sleeper.

  • DuPont Imron® Elite single stage paint, Peterbilt N0006EA white or any standard color, crew cab, roof and rear doors. Peterbilt factory paint will remain on the hood, fenders, front doors and windshield cowl.

Optional Items
Several optional items allow the Back Pack Sleeper to be ordered to meet customer-specific vocational applications.

Interior Trim
  • Thermal insulation package in sleeper (in addition to thermal insulation package in cab 6540160)

  • Privacy curtain, between seats and bunk

  • Window cover, snap-on, insulated, for Peterbilt factory rear window

  • Side windows, vented

  • Window covers, snap-on, insulated, for side windows

  • Peterbilt lower cargo doors—requires Peterbilt dealers to order Koester's Back Pack Baggage Door Kit code 7851990

  • Relocate Peterbilt factory cab air ride (if specified on vehicle order)

  • Extend factory air lines and 7-way plug to rear of sleeper (tractor only)

  • Relocate factory deck plate and access step behind sleeper (tractor only)

  • Relocate Peterbilt factory grab handles to back of sleeper (if specified on vehicle order)

  • Relocate Peterbilt factory load lights (if specified on vehicle order)

  • Conspicuity tape (tractor only)

  • Extend factory horizontal exhaust 24" behind extended cab (horizontal DPF)

  • Remount factory single vertical exhaust stack (undercab/toolbox DPF); B-pillar mount

  • Remount factory single vertical exhaust stack (horizontal DPF); corner panel mount

Special Paint
  • DuPont Imron Elite "EA" single stage, reds and special colors

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear standard color

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear, reds and special colors

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear metallics and pearl effect colors

Program Notes:
  • Peterbilt dealers must specify Koester's Backpack Sleeper Crossmember Placement sales code 0613170 on Prospector chassis specifications.

  • The Back Pack Sleeper modification is for daycabs only with ProBilt interior—Vantage Gray.

  • For air ride cab requirements, Peterbilt dealers must specifiy Link Cab Mate cab air ride system on the daycab. The Peterbilt Unibilt cab air ride system will not work with the Back Pack Sleeper modification.

  • The Back Pack Sleeper modification is not compatible with the Peterbilt extended rear window. Peterbilt dealers should specify the flush-mount large rear window if a rear window is required.

  • The Back Pack Sleeper modification is not compatible with Peterbilt cab side extenders.

  • The Back Pack Sleeper modification is not compatible with Peterbilt back-of-cab vertical exhaust.

  • Peterbilt dealers can obtain more information about this program by referencing Peterbilt Truck Sales Bulletin #05-32 “Back Pack Sleeper” dated May 9, 2005.

  • Peterbilt dealers can obtain warranty coverage information by referencing Peterbilt Warranty Bulletin II-53 “Crew Cab Modifications” dated February 18, 2003.

  • Peterbilt dealers must drop-ship chassis into Koester's facility in Ossian, Indiana. Outbound transportation from Koester's is additional cost. Contact Koester's for outbound transportation cost.

  • Fiberglass Roof and Exterior Paint Acceptance Criteria

Features and Benefits
  • Fiberglass Roof: Fiberglass roof maintains factory roofline. One-piece fiberglass roof is Huck bolted around the perimeter.

  • Insulation: Ceiling, rear wall and side walls are insulated for thermal and acoustic protection.

  • Floor Mat: Standard ribbed floor mat for all weather conditions.

  • Aluminum Cab: All aluminum cab with Huck bolt, Huck rivet, adhesive tape and sealant assembly is strong, durable and lightweight. Relocated Peterbilt corner panels for OEM appearance.

  • Bunk: tandard 24” x 77” foam mattress for driver comfort. Underbunk storage is accessible inside the cab.
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